Intellectual Property Due Diligence in Mergers & Acquisitions



About the Course:

Many acquisitions are driven by the intellectual property owned by the target company. In other acquisitions, the intellectual property involved is an afterthought until it threatens to derail the transactions. This seminar focuses on many facets of conducting due diligence in the context of corporate acquisitions.

Among the issues discussed in this seminar are:

  • What are the merits of posing broad versus tailored questions to counterparts when conducting due diligence?
  • What sensitivities must be considered with respect to GDPR when researching domain names?
  • What complications can arise in connection with IP licensed to third-parties?
  • What concerns should one have with regard to open-source software in the context of acquisitions?
  • How are transferability provisions, subject to change of control, structured in licensing agreements?
  • How can gaps in the chain of title be remedied?
  • What provisions should be included in agreements with independent contractors?
  • To what extent are non-compete agreements enforceable in the UK and Europe?
  • In which circumstances can data rooms most effectively be used?
  • How can indemnity insurance be used to facilitate mergers and acquisitions?

Course Leaders: Blair Carlton, Associate – Intellectual Property, Pinsent Masons

Course Length: Approx. 1.0 hours

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