Patent Litigation in Germany and Europe




About the Course:

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to listen to an expert discuss initiating and responding to patent litigation in Germany in particular and Europe in general. A 25-year veteran of German patent litigation explains core issues in asserting patents in Germany. These issues include the bifurcation of infringement proceedings and nullity actions, injunction gaps, discovery, prosecution history estoppel, court fees and posting surety bonds.

If you don’t know the answers to questions such as these, you really should listen to this webinar:

  • How do European countries such as Germany, the UK, France, Italy and the Netherlands compare in terms of speed? Costs? Injunctive relief? Discovery? Trials for infringement and validity?
  • How much prior art may/should be submitted in nullity proceedings?
  • What bearing does changing litigation value have on the advanced payments of court fees?
  • Who must pay for surety bonds? How are related sums determined?
  • To what extent can German/European patent litigation lawyers accept contingency fees?
  • What is required to make Motions to Stay Infringement Proceedings? What is the incidence of success for staying cases?
  • How important are divisional patents in the context of German/European patent litigation?
  • How can utility model patents be best used in German/European patent litigation? Which kinds of patent claims can be covered by utility models?
  • How can one estimate German/European patent litigation costs?
  • What are infringement gaps? What are the typical durations of infringement gaps?
  • What are the most important factors for selecting jurisdiction when initiating patent litigation?
  • To what extent do litigation standards vary for non-practicing entities compared to practicing entities when filing patent damages claims in Germany/Europe?

Course Leaders: Dr. Alexander Harguth, Patent Attorney, Preu Bohling

Alexander Harguth has been advising on patent law for 25 years: His practice focuses on electrical engineering, software technologies, including telecom and network technologies, cloud computing and related hardware such as semiconductors, routers and switches. His business areas include medical technology and pharmacology. He has expertise in the prosecution and coordination of complex patent proceedings before the infringement courts, the BPatG and the EPO. His practice areas include licensing law, disputes under employee invention law, design law, unfair competition law and trade secret protection.

Course Length: Approx. 1.5 hours

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