Validation of European patent in Finland

European patent translation into Finnish

For validation of the European patent in Finland, it is necessary to provide the Finnish translation of claims, if the European patent has been granted in English. If the European patent has been granted in French or German, the translation of the complete specification into English or Finnish and the claims into Finnish must be submitted. The term for filing of the translation is 3 months after the information about the European patent grant is published.

European patent validation fees in Finland

The fees associated with the validation of European patents in Finland are available in the fee calculator.

European patent maintenance fees in Finland

Patents in Finland are valid for 20 years from the filing date. The due date for payment of annual fees is the last day of the month containing the anniversary of the filing date. The first maintenance fee is due for the year following the grant of the European patent. However, it is not due until the last day of the third month after the grant of the European patent. The annual fee cannot be paid earlier than 6 months before the due date. Late payment is possible within 6 months after the due date, provided that a 20% surcharge is paid.

Representation by a Finnish patent attorney

For foreign applicants, it is recommended to perform the validation of a European patent in Finland through an agent, a registered patent attorney.

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