Aon Sells Moat Metrics the Intellectual Property Platform Assets

June 21, 2024
Aon IP platform sale

Aon, a global leader in professional services, has announced the sale of its intellectual property (IP) platform assets to Moat Metrics. This strategic move underscores Aon’s focus on its core business areas while enabling Moat Metrics to enhance its capabilities in IP analytics and management.


Details of the Transaction

The transaction involves the transfer of Aon’s IP platform, which includes a suite of tools and technologies designed to assess, manage, and protect intellectual property. These assets will now be integrated into Moat Metrics’ existing IP analytics platform, creating a more comprehensive solution for clients.


Aon’s Strategic Focus

Aon’s decision to sell its IP platform assets aligns with its broader strategic objectives. By divesting these assets, Aon can concentrate on its primary business segments, such as risk management, insurance, and reinsurance. This move allows Aon to streamline its operations and invest resources in areas that offer the greatest growth potential.


Benefits for Moat Metrics

For Moat Metrics, acquiring Aon’s IP platform assets represents a significant opportunity to expand its service offerings. The integration of Aon’s advanced IP tools will enhance Moat Metrics’ ability to provide detailed analytics and insights, helping clients better manage and protect their intellectual property portfolios. This acquisition positions Moat Metrics as a leading provider of IP analytics and management solutions.


Market Implications

The sale of Aon’s IP platform assets to Moat Metrics is a notable development in the IP management industry. This transaction reflects the growing importance of sophisticated IP analytics tools in helping businesses safeguard their innovations. As IP becomes an increasingly critical asset for companies, the demand for robust management solutions continues to rise.



, Both Aon and Moat Metrics are poised for growth. Aon will continue to focus on its core services, leveraging its expertise to drive client success. Meanwhile, Moat Metrics will benefit from the enhanced capabilities provided by Aon’s IP platform, enabling it to offer more comprehensive and effective solutions to its clients.



Aon’s sale of its IP platform assets to Moat Metrics marks a strategic shift for both companies. This transaction allows Aon to sharpen its focus on key business areas while providing Moat Metrics with valuable tools to strengthen its IP analytics and management services. As a result, both companies are well-positioned to achieve their respective growth objectives and deliver enhanced value to their clients.

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