Tempus AI Accused of Copying Guardant Health’s Patents in New Lawsuit

June 13, 2024
Tempus AI patent lawsuit

A recent lawsuit claims that Tempus AI has illegally copied patents owned by Guardant Health to develop its own medical tests. This legal battle could have significant implications for both companies in the competitive field of cancer diagnostics.


Background of the Lawsuit

Guardant Health, a leader in liquid biopsy technology, filed the lawsuit against Tempus AI. Liquid biopsy is a non-invasive method that uses blood samples to detect cancer. Guardant Health holds numerous patents in this field, which they allege Tempus AI has infringed upon to create similar tests.


According to Guardant Health, their patented technology is the result of years of research and significant investment. They argue that Tempus AI’s use of this technology without permission is not only unlawful but also undermines their competitive advantage.


Allegations of Patent Infringement

In the lawsuit, Guardant Health accuses Tempus AI of using their patented methods and technologies to develop and market competing cancer tests. Specifically, they claim that Tempus AI’s products mirror those covered by Guardant Health’s patents. This includes the processes and techniques used to analyze blood samples for cancer detection.


Guardant Health asserts that Tempus AI’s actions are a clear violation of their intellectual property rights. They are seeking damages and an injunction to stop Tempus AI from further using their patented technology.


Tempus AI’s Response

Tempus AI has responded to the allegations by denying any wrongdoing. The company argues that their tests are based on their own research and development. Tempus AI insists that they have not used any patented technology from Guardant Health in creating their products. They plan to vigorously defend themselves against these claims in court.


Impact on the Industry

This lawsuit highlights the intense competition in the cancer diagnostics market, where technological advancements are critical. Both companies are prominent players, and the outcome of this legal dispute could influence their market positions.


If Guardant Health prevails, it could strengthen their hold on the liquid biopsy market and deter others from attempting similar infringements. On the other hand, if Tempus AI successfully defends itself, it could encourage more innovation and competition in the industry.

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